Carbon Steel Round Bars
Carbon Steel Round Bars excels with high wear resistance for prolonged tool life, superior polish ability for intricate designs, and excellent machinability for efficient mold production. Widely used across industries, from automotive to electronics, it is a reliable choice for crafting durable molds that ensure precision and longevity in modern plastic molding applications.
EN Series Steel Round Bars
EN Series Steel Round Bars offer high tensile strength, toughness, and excellent machinability. Versatile in applications, they find use in manufacturing components for automotive, machinery, and construction. Known for their durability and reliability, EN Series Steel Round Bars contribute to the production of robust and efficient engineering solutions.
SAE 8620 Steel Round Bars
SAE 8620 Steel Round Bars boast high tensile strength, toughness, and exceptional weld ability. Ideal for construction applications, they offer durability and reliable performance. With a silver finish adding aesthetic appeal, these round bars contribute to the production of robust components, ensuring strength and longevity in various engineering and construction projects.
Free Cutting Steel
Free Cutting Steel stands out with its excellent machinability, making it ideal for precision machining applications. Known for its enhanced cutting and drilling performance, it offers efficiency in manufacturing processes. Widely used for producing components in automotive, electronics, and machinery, it ensures smooth and precise machining with reduced tool wear.
Nitriding Steel
Nitriding Steel features high surface hardness and wear resistance, making it ideal for applications requiring durability. Its nitriding process enhances surface properties, providing improved corrosion resistance and fatigue strength. Commonly used for manufacturing gears, shafts, and other critical components, Nitriding Steel ensures longevity and reliability in demanding engineering applications.
En Series Alloy Steel
En Series Alloy Steel offers a blend of strength and versatility. With high tensile strength and durability, it is ideal for heavy-duty applications in manufacturing and construction. The alloy composition enhances wear resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability. En Series Alloy Steel is widely used in gears, shafts, and various critical components.
Welding Procedure Specification (W.P.S) is crucial for welding under extreme conditions with high temperatures and cutting weights. Its features encompass detailed parameters for these challenging applications, ensuring safety and precision. Advantages include standardized processes, reducing errors, and promoting efficiency in welding tasks where exceptional heat and cutting forces are involved.
High Speed Steel
High Speed Steel, known for its exceptional hardness and heat resistance, excels in cutting tool applications. With tungsten, molybdenum, and other alloys, it maintains sharpness at elevated temperatures. Advantages include extended tool life and superior cutting performance. Widely used in drills, taps, and machining tools, it ensures precision and efficiency.

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